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Chet Beiler’s Pennsylvania roots go back nearly 300 years.


Chet Beiler was born in the rolling hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and raised on a 100-acre dairy farm with three brothers and four sisters.

Not long after he graduated from Lancaster Mennonite High School, the family farm was struck by a fire that destroyed their feed supply. The young family of 10 was forced to sell everything, move in with relatives, and start over. Chet, who had received a scholarship to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, delayed college and worked nights at Donnelly Printing for two and a half years to help his family get back on their feet financially.


Once the family was stabilized, Chet accepted the scholarship and moved to California to attend Pepperdine, where he studied business, economics, and political science. Chet’s love of public service and civil society led him to be elected student body president, and in 1984, he began working on Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign, where he served on the White House’s West Coast Advance Team as a driver for Nancy Reagan’s California motorcade.

Despite his workload with school and politics, Chet found time to return home during college to help his family in their continuing efforts to rebuild. He helped his mother start “Naomi’s Cleaning Service,” which led to his parents paying off their debts and eventually being able to retire after 30 years.

business experience

After graduating college, Chet returned to Lancaster County, and in 1989, he started a gazebo business with his brothers. With Chet as the company’s founder and CEO, Amish Country Gazebos grew to become the leading retailer of custom-built gazebos in the United States.

Ever the entrepreneur, Chet helped other businesses get started or improve their operations. These businesses have created a lot of jobs, many for local residents in Central Pennsylvania, and they have contributed to growing the local economy. Chet’s experience as a business owner, coupled with his childhood on the farm, have helped him to take a common sense, private sector approach to his work.

personal life

Chet has been active in politics for much of his life, serving as a youth delegate to the Republican National Convention, Chairman of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County, Candidate Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Republican Party, and campaign coordinator on a variety of political campaigns.

In his spare time, Chet has championed a variety of causes and worked on behalf of numerous service and nonprofit organizations, such as the Rotary Club, Junior Achievement, the Chamber of Commerce, World Vision, and the United Way. He volunteers for the Salvation Army, the Water Street Rescue Mission in Lancaster, and with the Boy Scouts of America. He also serves on the corporation board of Lancaster Bible College.

Chet currently lives in Manheim, Pennsylvania, has been married to his wife Sharon for 27 years, and is the father of two daughters, Heather and Brianna.

They attend LCBC.